• The Ciders We Make

    All of our ciders are fermented in house, using a variety of apples from local New England orchards. There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors, only natural local ingredients. Below are descriptions of the varieties of cider we produce. Throughout the year we make seasonal flavors that fall under each variety.

    *We are constantly rotating our line-up. Check out what is on tap now on the homepage!

  • Dry Ciders

  • One of the first kinds of ciders ever produced. These types of ciders are made by using champage yeast and a variety of dessert apples. This combination gives us a very dry and clean flavor. They are usually around 7.0% abv.
    Some of our dry cider varieties include:
    They are usually around 7.0% abv.

  • Fresh Blend Cider

  • Our flagship cider and the most popular. Our single variety Fresh Blend Cider is out only year round variety! We took our staple Dry Cider and blended it with freshly pressed apple juice right from the orchard. This gives you that delicious sweet farm fresh cider taste that you think of during the fall season. Carbonated to bring out a bright finish. It can vary in color due to the variety of fresh apples we get at a time. Has a 6% ABV.

  • Fruit Ciders

  • Our fruit ciders are where we get to really have some fun mixing fresh New England grown fruits with our ciders. We start with a base of cider fermented with either saison, champagne, or wild yeast and add the fruit to ferment just slightly to savor that home grown flavor. Our fruits come from Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut farms. ABV varies. Some flavors to look forward to in 2018:

    Black Currant

  • Hopped Ciders

  • This Cider is made using our dry cider as the base and then we dry hop using New England grown hops. We are currently using hops from Four Star Farm in Northfield Massachusetts and DeFrancesco Farm in Northford, CT. What you get is a very citric aroma and flavors along with some very pleasant herbal notes. We also do a wet hopped variety using fresh hop cones! 6.8% ABV. Some hops we have used and will use in the future:


  • Herbal Ciders

  • Our herbal varieties are the newest varieties of cider. Blending herbs and spices into such a traditional and historical beverage is always exciting and tasty! Each herb or spice we select also has historical medicinal properties and health benefit claims. For example Staghorn Sumac was traditionally steeped by Native Americans to create a lemon flavored tea that was high in calcium and antioxidants! ABV is usually from 6.5-7%. Some varieties you can look forward to in 2018:

    Lemon Verbena
    Hibiscus Rose
    Staghorn Sumac
    Holiday Spiced

  • Barrel Aged Ciders

  • One of our most anticipated and requested ciders so far, made using a cider yeast and then aged in Oak barrels that contained a variety of spirits or wine or beer prior. Our first barrel aged was aged in 100% rye whiskey barrels from Whistle Pig Distillery in Vermont for 6 months. It had whiskey aroma up front followed by wonderful flavors of vanilla, caramel, pineapple and coconut. Lightly carbonated and best served at 55 degrees. We also add fresh fruits to special limited barrel. Look for them! Barrel Aged Ciders are 9.0-12.0% abv. Some Barrel Aged Ciders for 2018 include:

    Rum Barrel
    Whiskey Barrel
    Red Wine Barrel
    Gin Barrel
    Tequila Barrel
    Fortune Apple Barrel
    Cherry Barrel

  • Single Apple Ciders

  • Single apple cider varieties are ciders we make with just one variety of apple being pressed and fermented. Most of the time the apples also come from one orchard or in the case of our Westport Cider from 2015, one tree! These specialty ciders are usually fermented with Champagne yeast and have very distinct flavor! A real treat! Anywhere from 8-10% ABV.

    Coming 2018:
    Golden Russet
    Pink Lady